Cat Cove, Inc. (CCI) is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization incorporated on February 1, 2022. 

CCI mission is to improve the lives of community (homeless) cats. To meet our mission CCI maintains a home-based foster home and is a resource for the public, other rescues and community shelters in their activities caring for felines. CCI learns about felines in need from the public directly and through other rescues/shelters referrals. Our priority when taking a feline into foster care is to provide needed vet care and a nurturing environment to bring the feline into good health for adoption. CCI commits to a lifetime of care for foster felines who are senior, have special needs or have not found their forever home. 

CCI’s major expenses are for Veterinarian care (primarily sterilization and wellness maintenance) and for quality food and supplies.  CCI relies on the generosity of the community for donated items and funds.

CCI has three programs to support their mission. CCI adapts and structures the programs in response to the needs of felines, the community, and other organizations. 

1. Foster to Adopt Program provides foster care of cats and kittens with the goal of adoption.  

Though not affiliated with any other organization, CCI maintains relationships with like-missioned rescues and shelters. These relationships have resulted in adoptions inside and outside the Northern Neck and even outside Virginia for CCI foster felines. 

Other rescues reach out to CCI when an adoptable feline is brought to their attention, but they will not take custody due to their capacity or program limitations. CCI provides temporary foster care for our partner rescues and accepts custody of felines from other rescues and shelters.

2. Pet Owner and Shelter Support Program supports pet owners in all aspects of feline care including connecting them with services provided by other organizations. The goal is to help pet owners keep their pets when they are faced with situations that may require them to surrender their pets. CCI offers temporary fostering for pet owners when there is a short-term need. 

CCI works with local shelters and Animal Control Officers when their duties involve friendly strays and surrendered pets. Shelters reach out to CCI when they have adoptable felines in custody or ask CCI to evaluate a situation to identify adoptable felines.

3. Community Cat Colony Support Program educates the public about compassionate solutions for community (homeless) cat issues. As a member of the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies (VFHS) CCI follows VFHS practices that are supported by years of data collection and Virginia law.  CCI supports local and state legislation in support of animal welfare.  CCI practices Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) when it is appropriate.

CCI provides colony care givers and managers with needed supplies, including food and non-prescription treatments for community cats.  CCI manages community cat colonies at various locations in the Northern Neck.

CCI supports partner rescues’ Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) activities by providing temporary fostering before felines are returned to the trapping location. This temporary fostering allows the felines to recovery from spay/neuter surgery or an injury or illness before being returned to the managed colony location or transferred to a feral cat sanctuary