• Offering a 3-week trial period
  • No-judgment return policy
  • Quality, hands-on assistance throughout the adoption process
  • Our lifetime commitment to our Foster Families and Adopters

We’re a foster-to-adopt, non-profit cat rescue organization in Lancaster, Virginia. Our commitment to making quality matches is 100%. Our success rate comes pretty darn close. Why do we have so few adoption returns? When it comes to adoptions, we’re as finicky as the cats we serve.  An un-returned cat is a happy cat.

We do our homework before clearing a cat for adoption:

  • follow strict feline health protocols with immunizations, veterinary exams, initial and on-going medical treatment
  • observe cat’s individual physical needs such as food preferences or mobility issues
  • assess cat’s personality, preferred living environment and adaptability
  • assess socialization needs,  compatability with other pets and people, unique behavioral traits
  • provide clear requirements for both Cat Cove Inc and you, the adopter
  • provide post-adoption guidance and follow-up as needed

We acquaint ourselves with you, too. Not to be nosy…but to ensure your cat selection has the best chance of being a loving, lasting match for you both.

Please consider one of our cats when it’s time for your next match. We’ll be there for you when it’s time.

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Cat Cove is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
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